An expert consultant specializing in food and beverages


USCO GmbH is an import, export and wholesale company with current focus on food ingredients. Our sales management activities include sales agency, distribution, and market access planning and support services. We also serve companies in their international sales activities.

USCO GmbH offers a full range of high-quality raw materials and ingredients for most sectors of the food industry. We maintain very close ties with a large number of reputable suppliers and experienced logistics partners around the world. As a result, we are able to offer very competitive prices on a diverse array of products for an equally diverse range of global markets.
Our mission is to deliver quality, innovation and value to food industry from manufacturing to retail, maintaining relationships with global premium suppliers.
USCO GmbH sources products from major producers worldwide, and distributes these products to customers for use in a wide range of industrial applications, and multiple market segments including food and drinks.

Technical Support

Technical and innovation leadership can be the difference between you and a competitor.

USCO GmbH is a food and beverage consultancy. We have a team of engineers and technical specialists in food formulation, beverage and water production and water treatment. Our engineers are not only technical specialists, but have a very good understanding of beverage industry as a whole.

We know that your needs are flexible and we will make sure we provide the best value to make your products a success in a way that suits you.

Provision of leadership, strategic planning support, process guidance, supervision, knowledge sharing or capability development workshops, advisory services, help desk, technical support in a range of Food & Beverage is in scope of our services as follow:

  • Promote the New Product and Processing Line development, emphasizing equipment and set up considerations
  • Conduct the tasting, sensory evaluation and interpret the results to customers
  • Contribute to address the value of our products to the customer and industry in combination with your technical expertise
  • Operate and manage the collaborative project with the key account and catch the business opportunities
  • Producing representative samples and setting key processing parameters
  • Conducting processing line assessments at your facilities to improve efficiencies and limit product waste
  • On-site training that addresses general good processing practices as well as any immediate manufacturing concerns